Viggen Black Vert (project)

Another Black Viggen with a Top mount turbo fired up today.. With stock wheels it looks factory.  Dropped on the Koni Kit is the only sign.  The exhaust is even quiet, making a great sleeper, ( as much as you can hide a Viggen!)  This one is Gt2871 on a tubular manifold with 3in downpipe to Simons Catback. It is a Flex Fuel Setup with 750cc injectors and Walbro 255, t5 cams.  Nothing crazy just a great daily driver.  Upgraded from stg4 18t6cm.    Here are a couple pics.  Will post some more when it is finished.  After some miles on low revs/boost for breakin will tune it on the dyno.


  1. Greg Kam says:

    Beautiful! I’m very excited. I’m going to go have a moment of silence…

  2. Harout says:

    Most beautiful engine bay I’ve seen!
    Makes me wish my viggen had a top mount, and as hot as this one.. :->

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