9-3 SS F40 Quiafe Install

IMG_1335Since the gearbox needed to come out of the 9-3SS to upgrade the clutch it was time to fit the Quiafe LSD.  This is interesting since there is no service info from Gm US, Saab or GM europe.  Mainly needed bearing preload info.  Just set it to the same as it was on disassembly.  Also since there is no spare parts I had to leave the the crunchy second gear syncro. Thanks GM.. IMG_1330

The clutch was the original full spec upgrade that never worked right and was certainly not worth the money invested.  Most of it was the complete randomness from the self adjust pressure plate.  Sorting my own setup now from proper factory parts.

Also while the subframe and downpipe are out the time is here to fabricate a manifold and fit the gt3071 turbo so we can make some real power!  More on that later.


  1. Lucian says:

    if the shifting linkage would have been more rigid…not that mushy :(
    But yeah, the LSD will pay the $$$. Seems the fun starts there!

  2. Lucian says:

    About that lack of tech instructions or spare parts from GM, since you are with the gearbox opened, might be a good moment to check on the inter-changebility of the internals from various 9-3SS FM gearboxes. Any info would be very valuable, since no spare-parts or catalogue on this from GM :(

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