CNC ported Cylinder head and Inlet manifold

CNChead3.jpgJust a small bit of a new project for the drag car. Initially the first parts will be T7 and going on my 2.3i NA car for testing. With the CNC the price should be kept reasonable if we can do enough. Once we get some rough data will fine tune them on the flow bench. Using stock intake plenum with new runners. This was needed to eliminate extra variables.  For the drag car we will most likely end up with a larger plenum and relocated throttle body.  I have some ideas but will have to see what the data says.

CNChead.jpgO-ring seals and geometry checks out good. No odd gaskets to deal with just a standard o-ring.  For the t5 cars will add coolant temp sensor and extra water passage seals.

CNChead2.jpgThis ones a little “get it done NOW” rather than pretty. Just trying to prove the project at this stage.   Stock injector placement in this version.

The ports still have to be hand finished at this stage.  Certainly removes a bunch of time doing it with the machine.  Also makes sure that the ports are close to the same profile.

CNChead4.jpgHeaded to the dyno this afternoon. Also have a friend with a flowbench that owes me. But it is a couple hours away. :wink:

Quick Youtube HD video up.

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  1. Lucian says:

    this is what I call HEAD PORTING!
    let me re-phrase:

    BTW, is this a first or CNC is used for head porting?

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