C900 8v CIS Injection Lines, Interest?

Working with Goodridge for some custom injection lines we have come up with this solution.  Available in all the Hose colors.   Plastic covered for abrasion protection.   Anyone out there looking for lines?  Or am I just wasting time and move on to the new saabs?

To adress other questions.  Yes they will be a perfect fit set.  There are banjo bolt ends available for the original Cis cars.  ;)

Pricing will be based on 2 Quantities.   5-9 sets and 10+  $49 /line or $45.   That makes set price $198 for 5-9 or $182 if 10 or more sets.

Update July6: They are in the GS catalog for ordering standard 8-v lines.    This will allow us to build each set custom colors etc for that order.  Lead time should be about 1-2weeks from a valid order. As always we will only charge when they ship, not before.   For you overseas customers the shipping will be list rates.  We pass along the best discounts we can negotiate on the freight.  Now if you need an exact quote shoot an email to my shipping dept.

Final Update Oct 20th      As with all saab projects… There is 2 Saabs in France that have new CIs lines..


  1. Chris says:

    G’Day from Australia :)

    You betcha I’m interested – in several sets maybe. If you’re still going ahead with this, please let me know what the costs are likely to be and when you’re looking at producing them. Top effort there!


  2. DrewP says:

    This would be a good catalogue item, and maybe something to advertise on eBay for sure just so it’s out there – if you’re guaging interest for a limited run and want to move them all within a few months I honestly couldn’t guess how successful that’d be.

  3. Tim says:

    I’d be interested in a set as well.

  4. Chris says:

    Are you making them to correct individual lengths or just all equal but long enough? I guess that it would depend on whether you ran a B or H-motor as B’s run under the plenum and H’s over the top…

  5. Bob H says:

    Looking for lines for 99 B motor SAAB – count me in.

  6. NickT says:

    Will work up the pricing tomorrow.

  7. Karsten E says:

    Hello, I want a set also for my EMS.

  8. Chris says:

    How’d we go with that Nick? I damned-near busted one of my originals today replacing the air filter. Time to turf them…

    No pressure… (pun intended). :)


    I will have a set for my 1980 900 enduro. also happy to promote in my SAAB business.
    Cheers Steve

  10. Andrus A says:

    I would like to have a set of fuel lines for my 99T (B-engine).

  11. robert says:

    I need a set ASAP for my 1979.

  12. Chris says:

    t looks like Steve (Saab Salvage) and I will be doing a group buy for a few guys here in Australia from you Nick – we’re getting numbers for you today or tomorrow. I know that we’ll be putting H-engine style lines on – i.e. over the top of the intake manifold in a tray – and down on to the banjo fittings on the fuel distributor. Any different ones and we’ll let you know.

    When is production under way?

  13. NickT says:

    So as of today this is what I have..
    1x Tim 900H
    2x BobH 99B
    3x KarstenE 99B
    4x Chris 900H
    5x Steve (SaabSalvage AU) 900?
    6x Andrus A 99B
    7x Robert 79?

    900x ~3 sets
    99 x ~3 sets

  14. Chris says:

    Nick – my two sets are in with Steve (Saab Salvage), not separate. We’re doing a group ourselves – 5 sets of H motor-style (over the top with banjos) lines at this stage.

  15. roy evans says:

    I’ve just replaced one old line with a slightly newer one as while checking the oil I noticed a fine spray coming from no.4 fuel line….It was lucky I decided to check the oil…..The faulty line had never been disturbed..it just suddenly began to leak….so I would definately be interested in a set ! The car is a 1980 99 2 door turbo that I’ve owned for over 30 years….

  16. Bill Anderson says:

    I would certainly be interested, probably in at least two sets, maybe more.

  17. Simon Arena says:

    Greetings from Australia! I would definately be interested in a set for my 99 Turbo as well

  18. Dean Wigfall says:

    Have 1884 900s. Wold like 4 lines. Let me know price.

  19. Sam says:

    will these lines work on the 2.0L 16v 1985

    • NickT says:

      16V used LH fuel injection. Did not have individual lines like the 8valve.


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