CNC Manifold Ready to go…

NAinletManifoldCustom2.jpgWith the larger ports in the head we needed matching intake.  Using the stock plenum for now to keep the variables down for testing this is what the guys snuck in during production today.  I ripped the head off tonight and will have the modified head on tomorrow and hopefully spinning the rollers after lunch.   Needs some final matching on the runner to manifold and some fuel rail brackets welded.    Best part is that it all went pretty quick so if it makes power it wont break the bank for the hotrods out there.   More pics in the gallery.  This should help open up the topend on the drag car for the new big turbo…as if 670whp was not enough :)

NAinletManifoldCustom1.jpg NAinletManifoldCustom4.jpg NAinletManifoldCustom3.jpg

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