2.3i Head/Manifold Dyno results

23iPortHead.jpg Nothing magical as expected but certainly more gains.  The red run there is our previous best w retimed stock cams, turbo inlet manifold, tuned length intake, viggen rear muffler and header.  The blue there was 252 cams out of a B202 and 70mm throttle body, gains split about 50/50 on those two.

I still have to extend my fuel maps past 62oo so thats hurting us a bit there. All in all thats a 35whp gain over previous best!    Now its time for a larger header as this one was optimized for the motronic setup.   Either way the drag car is going to love this setup!

IMG_1605IMG_1608UPDATE:   Found a little more in it.   155.9  Tq and HP.  something magical there and had to leave it.  Quite noticeable  gains on the road too.  Even threw up a youtube video. Not great,  I was occupied with trying to wring every last bit of torque from this beast.   You can see how we have made the torque further out every time this is where the Horsepower comes from.    It seems insignifigant the 155 peak but it is when you overlay this with the stock it becomes apparent how much we have gained.   Just a bit at a time with each part.  No cheating and just cranking the boost up to make torque here.

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