Now I remember the reason for hating the 18t6cm…

IMG_0248After an afternoon tuning on the -94 2.0 900SE fitted with 18t6cm  I am quite disappointed.    Got it up there in power but the little guy just wont flow to make the power curve how i want.  Initially we fitted a set of spare 42lb Green Giants.  On the second pull working up in boost we maxed them out.  Swapped for a set of used 630s got enough fuel flowing.  Still had the same turbine chose issue as before.  Wont make the horsepower.  This is on the ragged edge of knock.  So the safe place is about 10hp down.   Still better than the 270 we managed with 15t6cm on it before.   Going to need a GT30 or maybe one of the smaller Billet precisions to be nice enough to call my hotrod. ;)    I am going to try one more trick before it comes off the dyno.  Swap to B202 camshafts, this will add some duration.  Cant see it helping the turbine choke but I like to know for certain.  More pics in the gallery

IMG_0250 IMG_0251


  1. Tanner says:

    Nick, you should do an experiment with a T28 turbo before slapping on the GT30. I am sure many people are curious about the T28 turbo on our cars. It seems like a cheap, valid, and easy upgrade for our cars that i don’t think many people take into consideration compared to doing a Td04 swap with say an 18T or 19T

  2. NickT says:

    Tanner, send me a turbo and Ill make it scream..

  3. Cark says:

    Curious how you feel about the 18t-6 on a B235R? I just had Dave Kennedy build one for me and installed the KC intake pipe along with it. So far I love it, even without a 3″ dp (on the way very soon) and the mild stg I tune I had done before the swap. I will be getting on the Dyno soon and can’t wait to see the results.

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