New Fuel pump for the Viggen / Drag car pics

Trying to get more than the previous 511whp out of the viggen will require more fuel than the 255hp Walbro will do.  The 1000cc Injecotor dynamics were maxed and draining the rail feeding the e85 before.

The plan is with more fuel then we can use the GM maf and hopefully have a bit more headroom in T7 to throw a bit more boost at it.  There is still quite a bit left in the the 3076.86  If not then the GTX3076 With a Tial Stainless housing and Tial MVS gate should do.  Have the manifold and gate parts off the drag car.

Then there comes fitting my new CNC head and manifold to the T7 car.  :)   But then it needs more flow through the throttle body. Think I have a solution there.    That will have to come down the road.  Have to finish the drag car up.  It is Race Season already!

UPDATE:   Ripped the head off the Viggen last night at home. Didn’t have a way to drain the coolant though.   Time to see what the New CNC ported head does and make a new intake manifold.  Can cut that this weekend.      Then theres the drag car, the new Billet Precision 6262 doesn’t quite clear the hood, thats a good problem.. ;)


  1. Lucian says:

    Way to go, Sir!
    I am already planning a top mount from you, for my up-coming Viggen ;)

    • NickT says:

      Lucian, You just need me to make you a car. Should fly over and experience my Viggen.

  2. Lucian says:

    and then fly back over the Ocean with the Vigg?
    you know I would do it, man!
    I am actually thinking about something…PM you sometime about it ;)

  3. Branden says:

    Keep us updated on the pumps. I’ll be in the market for one at some point when I’m back in Missouri.

  4. NickT says:

    Branden, Will do. Ill post the rail pressure logs etc. Hoping for this week but getting more elaborate on the intake manifold. Adding plenum volume along with tapered runners.

  5. CASUAL says:

    Which pump is right for the saab? 11140, 11141 or 11142?
    From the pics, 11140 is right?

  6. NickT says:

    Casual, Any of those will work. Depends on how you want to modify the housing.


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