Project car news

The Non turbo NG900 is waiting with a dead gearbox.  The stock Diff gave up behind the slicks at the dragstrip.  So much for a NA 1/4 mile record.

9-3SS with the new clutch and LSD is going great!  With the added traction along with the 245 Tires it can use the midrange torque and grunt without spinning the tires (as bad).  Best part is that going back to the factory style dual mass flywheel has taken away all the noise of the F40.  The clutch capacity is better than the SPEC stg2+   Amazing considering this is an organic disk in it now.  Even mom can drive it.   The best part is the clutch always engages the same.  Unlike with the Spec and its random engagement as a failed implementation of the self adjusting pressure plate.

Viggen is getting the CNC head and new manifold but thats quickly turing into a bigger project.  Found the exhaust valves hitting.  So the cheap solution is to grab a used T5 head off the shelf to modify and throw a cheap set of my springs in it.  Should let us safely rev past 8K  now running to 7500.  But a t5 head has some metal missing that we need, Adam grabbed the TIG and took care of that though.  The manifold is also getting tapered runners and increased plenum volume. This should help with the small T7 throttle body.  But more on that later.

While the Viggen is apart all the bits that make a Top Mount GT kit are there on my garage floor at home (no room at the workshop) We are assembling all the kit components to be able to offer this.  It will be a complete kit of all the hardware, add downpipe, Turbo and manifold.



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