New sport rear mount for NG900/9-3

With a few of these out in the wild and more headed that way, time for a place to keep all the info together.

I have one in my new -94 900 Project car. Along with just sport trans mount, tdo4 etc. Feels great. Little more vibration if I bog it off idle but thats about all. Makes the shifter solid! Here is a video playing on the way to work. You tube HD video link That was driving it quite hard and the shifter stays put. :)

The black viggen has one too. Looking forward to his input.

Also the original prototype is still in the 2.3i beater car. I love the way that car responds. Post Link
Show to the right is just some of the testing we did for the new mounts. You can even see the dead stock one that we blewup. All variants were tested including a Diesel. It was important that we keep the loaded heights the same while limiting travel.


  1. John A says:

    This mount is fantastic. It does not bottom out under full acceleration. (404whp 440 ft-lb) It adds some viberation, but nothing uncomfortable. It makes it feel like a proper modified car. I would recommend this mount to all Saabs with high HP levels.

  2. Sean P says:

    Just placed an order for your new clutch. Next order for hydraulic linkage is soon. Any idea when these will be available to general public?

    • NickT says:

      No firm date yet. Just trying to make all the bases before releasing them.

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